About Me

judyhurdI’m supposed to include a bio, but what do I tell you about me? I write fiction, give characters a make-believe- life. That’s easy for me, but what can I tell you about my own life that would attract you to my work? That my passion to invent stories goes back to my childhood? That I search for tidbits and dig into places and history to support the plots? That I must get them written down so I can share them? I practice and practice, grow a thick skin when edited, and take suggestions to heart. Sometimes I succeed and someone reading my efforts actually publishes one. These are two of my favorites: Threads in a Web and A Beginning and an Ending. As you see, I’ve been working at this thing, fiction writing, a long time, but haven’t promoted myself or chased after the glory of recognition. So here is my jump into the unknown. Please read the offering in my website and I hope you enjoy.  Judy

My list of credentials is short, but I am proud of each:

Gom Publishing anthology, Best SciFi and Fantasy for 2004, released 2005;

Tavern’s Vault Web Magazine short story completion, tavernsvault.com, released 2011